Title: Money Power Glory
Artist: Lana Del Rey
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The sun also rises,
On those who fail to call
My life, it comprises,
Of losses and wins and fails and falls

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"I understand why society, especially American society, is gravitating toward fairy tales, given our economy. We’ve been exploring the world of witches and wizards for years. We’ve been exploring the world of vampires for years. Clearly the public - I mean, I feel like all of this was ushered in by ‘Harry Potter’ - in my own fannish beliefs.”

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week Day 5: Favorite Happy Scenes 
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Once Upon A Time Season 3 Rewatch | 3x11

 H a p p y endings aren't always what 
we think they will be.

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get to know me - [1/5] favorite TV shows: Castle

"Every writer needs inspiration and I found mine."

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Divergent + four colours

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"Truth conquers all."

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With all the family I’ve lost, I could use a few friends.

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beckett & ryan | kick the ballistics

"Just let me know next time so I can help."

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I think because I’m so close with Sansa I feel that she is like my first love, in a way.

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Watching: Teen Wolf S4, Pretty Little Liars S5

Reading: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

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